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2023 TechXchange: Banking, Financial Services & Insurance!

December 5, 2023 

New York, NY

Accelerate change.
Build a resilient future. 

Since 2022, amidst substantial economic, societal, and geopolitical shifts, there were remarkable displays of digital perseverance and resilience. Banking, financial services and insurance institutions navigated these challenges by adopting responsible growth strategies and leveraged their digital infrastructure to thrive in the first phase of a post-pandemic world. 

With 2024 fast approaching, the goalposts are moving significantly. Balancing cost and innovation, and placing the right bets, will determine a new set of marketplace winners.

ISG advisors and industry experts will be on hand to give insights to help attendees navigate change. The practical insights and strategy that will be provided at our annual TechXchange will focus on three core themes: Customer Experience, Cost Optimization, and Digital Ecosystems.

What You'll Discover:

Data Transformation, Automation & AI: Gaining Insight to Enhance the Customer Experience

Explore the cutting-edge approaches to automation, AI and data to deliver a customer experience that is secure and personalized. 

Cost Optimization: Managing Change & Financial Performance

Learn what new trends and techniques are bringing the greatest impact to financial services and insurance institutions and how you can modernize your cost optimization program.

Ecosystems: Utilizing Partnership & Platforms to Enhance Growth

Discover how ecosystems will continue to evolve within banking, financial services and insurance institutions to drive faster transformations and improvements in operations and productivity.

Featured Speakers:

Agenda At-a-Glance

December 4th, 2023

6:30 PM

Welcome Reception & Dinner

December 5th, 2023

9:00 AM

General Sessions

10:40 AM

Networking Break & Innovation Labs

11:00 AM

Industry Breakout Sessions

12:25 PM

Lunch with Networking Table Topics

1:15 PM

Industry Breakout Sessions

4:30 PM

Design Thinking Workshop

5:15 PM

Closing Reception

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Get hands-on with the technology that is shaping the future of business in our immersive innovation labs. 


The latest thinking, ideas and opinions from ISG on the insurance transformation. 

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