Monday, December 4, 2023
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Tuesday, December 5, 2023
8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
9:00 AM - 9:10 AM
Owen Wheatley Dennis winkler
9:10 AM - 9:40 AM
Kathy Rudy Owen Wheatley Dennis winkler

ISG industry leaders Owen Wheatley and Dennis Winkler give their thoughts on the hottest topics in Banking, Financial Services and Insurance today, as well as exploring what might come next in terms of customer expectations, emerging technology and the increasingly competitive landscape. Hear them discuss the impacts of Generative AI, embedded finance, digital currencies, the metaverse and more as we kick off the 2023 TechXchange in style!

9:45 AM - 10:15 AM
Dennis winkler Julie Dillman

Julie Dillman, Digital Transformation Officer and Technology and Operations Group Executive at Chubb, is joining Dennis Winkler, ISG’s head of insurance, to discuss how to create transformation opportunities across multiple initiatives in multiple functions, lines of business and geographies. Discover the best practices needed to achieve alignment with operations and technology business partners, while balancing multiple concurrent initiatives in automation, customer experience, core modernization, cyber security and cost optimization.

10:15 AM - 10:35 AM

These sessions provide hands-on demonstrations of innovative and cutting-edge technologies that are helping to shape the future of business.

10:35 AM - 10:55 AM
Kathy Rudy

The transformative potential of emerging technologies in ensuring a seamless and personalized customer journey in boundless. ISG’s Kathy Rudy will explore the balance between automation and human touch, to provide you with the strategies to enhance your customers’ satisfaction, loyalty, and data privacy while adapting to the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence.

Wayne Butterfield

Generative AI hype is everywhere, but where is the business value and why aren’t there more user cases that show actual value in Banking? ISG's AI and automation expert Wayne Butterfield, deep dives into the hype and lays out what steps need to be taken by your enterprise in order to ensure safe and complaint use of Generative AI across your organization.

11:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Dennis winkler Vineeta Kumar

Customer expectations are changing across all industries and insurance faces it’s own set up complexities and challenges. With technology leading the way in everything from personalization to data protection, how do you ensure you are adopting the right platforms to meet your customers at their point of need. Vineeta Kumar of Hitachi Digital Solutions will speak with ISG’s Dennis Winkler to discuss the opportunities and challenges that you will face to achieve CX perfection.

Anay Nawathe Tami Fisher David Menninger Lola DeMoon

The frequency and volume of Cyberattacks in the BFS sector continue to rise as attackers leverage increasingly better technology to identify and exploit new vulnerabilities. Well-funded APT groups have shifted their focus from ‘back-office’ to customer centric in an attempt to circumvent traditional cyber protections. This session will focus on how Automation, AI and LLM are being used to protect organizations and customers across a highly connected computing ecosystem.

11:35 AM - 12:05 PM
Owen Wheatley Vineeta Kumar

The landscape of banking is undergoing a significant transformation, driven by various factors that are reshaping the industry. Join Vineeta Kumar of Hitachi Digital Services and ISG’s Owen Wheatley as they discuss Fintech, ESG, GenAI, Regulation and Consumer Behavior as the key drivers of the industry’s digital revolution. 

Olga Kupriyanova Russell Page Dipali Trivedi John Zoitos Karan Thaker

Today, companies who have successfully enabled a superior digital customer experience are often divided into two groups, those born digital and those who reinvented themselves into a digital organization. In the coming years we will see a similar evolution take place around AI as it matures from a tool to the core of business processes. How will born AI companies differ in their approach to Customer Experience and what can AI-adopting enterprises do to keep up? Join us to discuss the future of AI in customer service.

12:05 PM - 1:00 PM
1:00 PM - 1:30 PM
TODD Lavieri Alan Guarino

We are living in an economy in transition – from inflated rates to enterprise-wide digital transformations. Join ISG Vice Chairman and President of the America’s and Asia Todd Lavieri and Alan Guarino, Vice Chairman at Korn Ferry as they discuss the organizational challenges, risks and opportunities that financial institutions are facing. Are you following the right path to be an effective leader? How can you get the most and best out of your people? How should you manage the generational divide and the skillsets that are necessary in world that has adopted technologies like automation and GenAI?

1:35 PM - 1:55 PM
Anay Nawathe

The BFSI sector has a complex history with cloud adoption, stemming from its heavy mainframe infrastructure, stringent regulatory requirements, and expensive data-intensive workloads. With the rise of Generative AI (GenAI) in 2023, IT leaders are reassessing their transformation strategies. In this session, we will explore how BFSI enterprises can align their GenAI aspirations with cloud and infrastructure roadmaps, identify impactful GenAI use cases in BFSI, and navigate the unique challenges of implementing GenAI in the BFSI sector.

1:55 PM - 2:15 PM

These sessions provide hands-on demonstrations of innovative and cutting-edge technologies that are helping to shape the future of business.

2:15 PM - 2:35 PM
Stacey Cadigan

Using technology to change business outcomes requires bringing together the best of different technology and services providers to solve problems.  The role of organizations becomes one of curating value from their technology and services ecosystem and thoughtfully shaping their strategy to leverage innovation, rethink operating models, build agility and remove friction and cost. Join for a brief discussion on how large transformations require different thinking, different skills and a new level of sourcing maturity and management. 

William Huber

Banks and other FIs were early leaders in developing mature strategic sourcing, outsourcing and automation strategies to drive down operational costs.  However, the evolution of technology trends and capabilities including generative AI has necessitated adoption of a new generation of strategies. Learn what new trends and techniques are bringing the greatest impact to FIs and how you can modernize your cost optimization program.

2:40 PM - 3:10 PM
Glenn Windisch Kamesh Moola Rajaram R.K.

At the start of 2023, ISG released our annual Cost Optimization survey and overwhelmingly financial services firms looked for greater than 5% savings from their Cost Optimization programs. Since those results were released, the market has experienced a lot of change: explosion of generative ai, digital currencies, FedNow and approval of T+1 in 2024 are front page news (I am sure there are more). 
- How are financial institutions changing their thinking on cost savings and how will this impact customers and employees? 
- How are the financial institutions integrating technology and market changes into their 2024 cost optimization programs?
- Where is the untapped potential for further optimization in the marketplace? In your firm? 

Scott Sanders Bhupesh Trivedi Kemi Nelson Emily LeMay Don Hummer Jr

As carriers expand their offerings and services, they are often doing so by creating and actively managing a more comprehensive business support ecosystem (especially for their agents and contact centers) that leverage a variety of third-party technologies and service providers.  Come learn from our panel of industry experts as they discuss the strategies they are witnessing for managing culture change including ongoing training directives and best practices for implementing third party technologies in both operations and technology for an effective collaborative environment.

3:15 PM - 3:35 PM
Dennis winkler

ISG Insurance Practice Leader Dennis Winkler will share insights on how carriers are driving their cost optimization strategy and managing the changes from these initiatives to accelerate transformations and improve operations. Discover cost optimization best practices, and what leaders are doing to achieve both cost savings and operational improvements.

Jon Lightman

ISG Lead Partner for Banking & Financial Services will present a research data-based and provocative view of how firms must embrace the new world of partnerships and ecosystems in order to serve their customers, fend off competition and stay in business.

3:40 PM - 4:10 PM
Jay Woldar Jason Mariasis Michelle Tran Erin Cohee

Developing a dynamic ecosystem is crucial for supporting your market as it fosters innovation and collaboration among stakeholders, leading to a more vibrant and sustainable business environment. By encouraging partnerships, open communication, and a culture of continuous improvement, the ecosystem can adapt to changing market conditions and customer needs, ensuring long-term success. Our panel of banking and financial services experts will discuss – 
•    What alternative operational models should you consider to support a broader banking ecosystem?
•    When should you build vs. buy/partner when considering time to market vs. total cost to operate?
•    What are the onshore vs. offshore options and what challenges do these two alternatives present?

Kevin Lewis Kevin Abramson Lisa Haitz Erin McClintock Rajaram R.K.

As carriers look to control costs and find near-immediate savings, there is a great need to lower the cost without negatively impacting the customer experience. Our panel will discuss differences in approaches based on functions, maturity and company culture. Best practices in driving these programs and managing these changes will be discussed, along with when and how to best include your third-party providers in these programs.

4:15 PM - 4:30 PM
Owen Wheatley

After a day of great content, what do you do with it? ISG will provide guidance on what your next steps should be for your digital transformation!

Dennis winkler

After a day of great content, what do you do with it? ISG will provide guidance on what your next steps should be for your digital transformation!

4:30 PM - 5:30 PM